About Us

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by.

We're The Bund Books. Our mission is to create fun, whimsical Chinese storybooks for young children.

We recognize that parents who are raising Chinese learners outside of China might need a little help on reading or brushing up on Chinese themselves. We're therefore committed to making all of our materials accessible to non-native parents and caregivers, by providing pinyin and English translations, along with digital companions such as audio readings. Our dream is for our books to become a friendly companion to many different readers and families - one that is perfect for bilingual parents, a grandparent who only speaks one language, an English-speaking spouse to a Chinese speaker, or a young Chinese reader.

What are our books about?

Our first series is called 小花园 (Little Garden) and features several adorable fruits and vegetables. Our first book is called  小番茄 (Little Tomato), and our next book in the series is 小菠萝 (The Little Pineapple). Both books have rhyming lines, adorable characters, and cover foundational themes of friendship

What's our story?

The Bund Books was founded by a mom with a simple wish, when she became a mom to an adorable little boy. Her simple wish was to read a story to her son before he went to bed in Chinese. She quickly found that this was a weirdly difficult wish to fulfill in the U.S. The menu of options seemed limited, and she also realized how rusty her own Chinese had gotten over the years, so she wanted books that would provide her with help on Chinese characters she'd forgotten. 

Where can you learn more about us?

Please subscribe to our mailing list below! It's the best way we can stay in touch with you and let you know about new books and freebies. We're also on instagram @thebundbooks, and you can write to us directly at thebundbooks@gmail.com.